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After decades of working in General Medicine and Cosmetic and Vascular Medicine in Perth, Western Australia, Kit Hoffman discovered the personal impact of hormonal disturbance on the reproductive tract through a cancer journey. Hearing complaints from patients regarding vaginal problems and the damage they cause to family life and general comfort did not prepare her for the reality of the problem. Luckily the timing coincided with a request from Dee to assist with the development of a product designed to treat vaginal problems, so a perfect partnership was born.

Using formulation knowledge from years as a cosmetic formulator, research experience in medicine as well as extensive experience in women’s health, it didn’t take long to find all the ingredients that would blend well together to make a product that would rehydrate, pH balance and soothe thin and sore vaginal walls. With the help of key people in the cosmetic manufacturing industry, a formula that outperformed existing products was forthcoming. Kit’s aim now is to help as many women as possible to solve their vaginal problems as well as she has solved her own.


LYV is a company born out of my own personal need. I was sharing an intimate time with my partner which was always fun and enjoyable but on this occasion was excruciatingly painful.
I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy.
She told me the treatment was hormone therapy which I did not want to use. I soon discovered that all other methods of lubrication did not work and my once intimate fun time with my partner was very quickly diminishing, and so started the journey to find a product to help and LYV was born. Since starting my personal journey and talking to other women and men this is actually an issue which is not openly discussed so it is mine and my business partners commitment for every woman young or mature to have a lovely healthy vagina that they can enjoy.

Our formulators attend conferences regularly and are continually updating their knowledge and thinking about the next most important contribution we can bring to women’s health and comfort. Check out our Blog and FAQs and please ask us anything

LYV Forever