Dedicated to our Wonderful Chemist Ric

This First Blog is Dedicated to our Wonderful Chemist Ric who developed our formula for LYV and who passed away recently very suddenly.

LYV Forever

Ric Williams was the development chemist for LYV Forever and put together our most wonderful formula for vaginal moisturisation with obvious ease. Ric always knew what to put in and what to leave out to make the perfect formula.

He was a delightful gentle soul with a fabulous combination of fun, humour, cheekiness, determination, brilliance, and reasonableness, and a good and loyal friend to those of like mind.

A wealth of information, Ric was on multiple committees for the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ASCC), and a pioneer for advancement of cosmetic chemistry in Australia.  He was active politically, intellectually, and collegiately as well as in research in chemistry.

He made a remarkable contribution to the ASCC over many decades across multiple areas, through his involvement with the Technical Committee, ASCC Council, NSW Chapter Committee and Conference Committees as well as various other areas including submissions to Government on regulatory matters. Ric was the only member to be awarded both a fellowship and life membership of the ASCC.

Ric demonstrated through his efforts and actions that he was extremely passionate and exceptionally dedicated to the cosmetic chemistry industry and his contributions to cosmetic science in Australia were significant and will be sorely missed.